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Reliable Data Solutions
Up to Date and Reliable Data Solutions

U.S. Info Search helps manage risk and fight fraud by providing quality data to U.S. Companies, Government Agencies, and Legal Industry Professionals. We deliver the information you need when you need it, and always at the very best rates possible. Reduce and manage risk without breaking your budget.

We have partnered with the best and brightest data providers to bring the highest quality data at the very lowest prices possible. Now you can access multiple national databases with one username and all from the convenience of your desktop.

Fight Fraud


Let us help you fight fraud, reduce and manage risk, and cut cost at the same time. We are dedicated to providing the information you need when you need it with the most cost effective and timely information solutions available.

  • Quality low cost data solutions.
  • Search billions of records from your desktop. 

Our Mission

Help you fight fraud, minimize risk, and expedite processing by providing the most reliable and cost effective data solutions available.

Risk Management

Reduce and manage risk with our cost effective and up-to-date data solutions tailored to fit your business needs.

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