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2. Complete the Data Use Agreement & Credentialing Form *

You will receive an email with a link to our online Data Use Agreement and Credentialing Form. There is no commitment, and there are no fees.

A. The Data Use Agreement is to be completed by the administrator. This grants each user a restricted license to use Martin Data Services and Data for the purposes of Contact Tracing. This form defines the federal restrictions pertaining to the data access.

B. The Credentialing Form is to be completed by each Contact Tracer separately. This allows each user to have access to the data. Each person will need to upload a copy of their Government ID. Users acknowledge that HIPAA regulations remain in effect.

3. Get Started

Upon successful credentialing, you will receive information regarding a brief Onboarding Training Session. Each Contact Tracer will receive their user credentials and temporary password. The session will demonstrate how to best navigate the website and provide useful search techniques to maximize efficiency.

* Why is credentialing necessary?
We require credentialing of your business to verify that you represent a legitimate business with a bona fide need for the information. USInfoSearch provides non-FCRA data solutions for identity verification and fraud reduction to Licensed Businesses, Corporations, Legal Industry Professionals, and Government Agencies. Because our data solutions contain Personally identifiable information (PII), the data is only available to those with a legitimate business needs.

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