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In our previous articles, we spoke to a lead contact tracer named Steven who worked for the health department of a major Midwest city. Our questions mostly concerned what his job looks like on a day-to-day and what kinds of tools he uses to do his work. To continue our Contact Tracing series of articles, we’d like to explore some of the things Martin Data is doing to help the industry.

When in early March, when it became obvious that COVID-19 was going to be a world-changing crisis, the Martin Data team got together and brainstormed about how we could help.

Contact Trace Search

Contact Trace Search Screen

Contact Trace Search Screen

One of the solutions we very quickly arrived at was a search to assist contact tracers. This is a modified version of our classic Person Search with a few key changes.

Typically, our Person Search will have a lot of information provided which a contact tracer either has no use for or shouldn’t have access to (SSNs, for instance). Removing these elements allows health departments to more easily give access to their contact tracers without risking any privacy concerns.

This reduced level of access to PII also allows us to more quickly credential these customers so that they can begin working as quickly as possible.

The Contact Trace Search provides all the elements that an agent will need to contact a potentially exposed individual. Search by Name, Address (approximate or exact), and age range.

For each matched individual you’ll receive data elements to help identify the right person to contact – name, dob, a list of relatives and previous addresses. You’ll also get all of the data you need to make contact: phone numbers with accuracy scores, emails, and their current address.

If you work for a public health department, hospital, or contact tracing agency – please contact our team ( for a demo. We’re certain that we can improve your success rate and reduce your costs.

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