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Person Search

With USInfoSearch’s Person Search and detailed Person Report, you can have access to all the latest and most up to date information. Get results that include names, aliases, address history, SSN & SSN Issuance information, date of birth, phone numbers, drivers licenses, emails, and civil filing indicators. This product is searchable by name, phone number, address, or SSN and includes the most intuitive logic to help you locate the correct individual.

Criminal Search

Our multi-source criminal search includes access to criminal and civil records on a federal, state, and county level. We include Sex Offender Registry records, federal dockets, and criminal records on all levels. With the industry’s best coverage, we are leading the way with our all-inclusive criminal search. Search by name, location, SSN, and even physical descriptors including height, weight, eye and hair color, and much more.

Business Search

USInfoSearch’s Business Search includes both business listings and official state filings. These records include EIN, phone numbers, employees and contacts, address history, DUNS numbers, secretary of state filings, and more. Search by address, phone number, business name, or EIN. Like what you see? Click on “Full Report” to get even more information! The full report includes bankruptcies, liens, judgments, UCC filings, vehicle ownership, and much more. Contact us for a no risk trial!

Non-FCRA data on 300 million people.

Note: USInfoSearch data is available only to qualified business customers who have a legitimate business need.

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