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Identity Verification

Identity Verification is used by businesses to make sure the customer is not representing himself or herself as another. has complete information to help your business perform Identity Verification quickly and accurately. Select the parameters to verify, such as name, address, phone number, date of birth, and/or partial Social Security Number. Our Identity Verification Engine will find records which match or provide a No-Match indicator, giving you the confidence your customer is who they say they are. Authentication of your customer’s identity is simple with the USInfoSearch API.

Age Verification

Age Verification is a necessary step for many e-commerce applications. Often e-commerce providers have no way to determine a customer is of age to engage in a valid transaction. USInfoSearch’s extensive person information can be used to authenticate your customer’s age on your e-commerce platform. Your customer can enter their identity information, such as name, address, and DOB, or even partial SSN. Your e-commerce platform simply calls USInfoSearch’s Age Authentication Engine, to search billions of records to verify your customer’s stated age. Make sure your business is fully compliant with any age restrictions.

* Why is credentialing necessary?
We require credentialing of your business to verify that you represent a legitimate business with a bona fide need for the information. USInfoSearch provides non-FCRA data solutions for identity verification and fraud reduction to Licensed Businesses, Corporations, Legal Industry Professionals, and Government Agencies. Because our data solutions contain Personally identifiable information (PII), the data is only available to those with a legitimate business needs.

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