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State Jurisdiction over Tribal Lands

Earlier this year, the US Supreme Court made an unexpected ruling in favor of the State of Oklahoma which sets a brand new precedent. Previously, tribal lands and Indian reservations were subject to only their own legal oversight except for in cases of certain violent crimes and sexual offenses. In the 5-4 decision, the US […]

Human Trafficking Offenses in Background Checks

Within the last year, the FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act) was revised to include a new section, 15 US Code § 1681c-3, titled “Adverse information in cases of trafficking”   What this section states is that when a victim of human trafficking commits a crime in connection with their trafficking, that crime may no longer […]

CRAs vs Background Screeners?

So what’s the difference between a CRA and a Background Screener, anyway? Well, at the highest level, a CRA is a Consumer Reporting Agency (sometimes called a Credit Reporting Agency – not to be confused with a credit bureau). They follow very specific guidelines around disclosing certain information and notifying the consumer of any adverse […]

Criminal Records without Identifiers

Public records are just that – they’re records which belong to the public interest. Court and incarceration records are no exception to that. It’s in the interest of the people to know who has been arrested, when, where, and why. Not just to keep the people safe from crime, but to keep the people informed […]

What is a National Criminal Database?

In our last article, “What is an SSN Trace”, we talked about the importance of a SSN Trace for the background checking process. It helps identify aliases and addresses that the applicant may have used but did not report on their application. This time, we’ll talk about the next step in the background checking process: […]

What is an SSN Trace?

When an employer conducts a background check on an applicant, there are a handful of steps that must be followed to ensure accuracy. Part of that process is what’s called an SSN Trace.

Contact Tracing – What Martin Data is Doing to Help

Contact Trace Search Screen

In our previous articles, we spoke to a lead contact tracer named Steven who worked for the health department of a major Midwest city. Our questions mostly concerned what his job looks like on a day-to-day and what kinds of tools he uses to do his work. To continue our Contact Tracing series of articles, […]

What is Contact Tracing? And How is it done?

Contact Tracing

Last time we talked about what contact tracing is and why it’s so important. We interviewed Steven, a lead contact tracer for a large mid-west city’s health department, and he walked us through what his day typically looks like. This time we’ll continue our interview with Steven and explore some of the tools and methods […]

What is Contact Tracing? And why is it so important?

Contact Tracing

An interview with a COVID-19 contact tracer Contact Tracing is the process of finding and contacting individuals who may have been exposed to an infectious disease. Sometimes it’s a result of them having been at a location or event that had infected people and sometimes it’s a result of them having come in direct contact […]

GDPR: A Year In Review: Part 2

Closeup of padlocks laid out on document containing GDPR legislative text.

In our previous article, we spoke about some of the copy-cat laws that have popped up within the United States in response to the GDPR – things like California’s CCPA and New York’s SHIELD law. In this article, we wanted to focus on the ever changing landscape of regulations within the US. Pitfalls of individual […]

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