DNC means ‘Do Not Call’

So why do I get so many spam calls?

By the middle of 2019, almost half of the calls Americans will receive are predicted to be spam, according to First Orion, a calling protection company (click here),  who provide antispam solutions for several of the major US cellular carriers.

We all know this feeling.

We all know this feeling.

This is clearly an increasing problem for all of us – and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), who are responsible for holding back the tide, regularly hold competitions within the private sector to explore new technologies to help defeat autodialling, robocalling, and good old-fashioned cold-calling. USInfoSearch can append DNC flags to all phone records, just to make sure you’re always compliant with the law!

As for right now, getting registered on the Do Not Call Registry is the first step you can take to minimize spam and marketing calls (register here). Registrations on the DNCR now remain indefinitely as opposed to five years, after an amendment to the original Act by the FTC in 2007.

Only personal landline, cell and VoIP numbers can be applied – it can’t yet apply to businesses. Marketers are legally bound to honor registrants to the list, but there are some bodies that are not bound by this law: this includes political, religious and not-for-profit organizations. It’s clear that there is great scope within these exceptions to perpetuate the practice of nuisance-calls down a ‘technically legal’ route. However, with the cat and mouse game of good guys and bad guys and their ever evolving technology, more improvements to the Act are surely looming!

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