Security! How do potential clients get credentialed?

With the ever-present threat of data insecurity in our modern world, it is incumbent upon those with the access to sensitive records to only share it with those that can be trusted with it.
USInfoSearch has a number of strict requirements to ensure the suitability of a potential client. Here’s what we check for before we cross the T’s and dot the I’s on any contract.

Here's what we check out

Here’s what we check out

– We start with the obvious: business license and registration. We take a copy of this and make sure it matches up with their state’s licensing agency.

– Another obvious one: a criminal and OFAC check! Just making sure.

– Making sure there’s a legitimate business need. There needs to be a permissible purpose for the use of any data we may supply, making sure private information stays in the hands of only those who need it.

– Company legitimacy: have they been in business at least six months? Do their emails come from a business domain name that matches up to a verified website? We won’t accept a PO Box and insist on a physical mailing address, too. A home-based business will require a site inspection (cups of coffee gratefully accepted).

Lastly, it’s really important that our data will only be used for non-FCRA purposes and will require a signed declaration before we can go ahead (see here for an explainer on the FCRA).

Here at USInfoSearch, we take business security very seriously and therefore take every precaution when vetting our clients. As part of your account set up, a credentialing specialist will contact you and guide you through the process to make it as fast and painless as possible!

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